About Us


For over 40 years, Tennessee Blood Services has been supplying materials from human donors to manufacturers and research facilities worldwide. The company was founded by Harold Stamey, who has over 47 years of experi- ence in the blood bank industry and still serves as our President and CEO.

While our primary focus has been, and continues to be, providing blood and blood derivatives of the highest quality, we have also gained a large body of experience in collecting and processing other materials, such as saliva and urine. A major emphasis of our business has become the provision of value- added information and services.

Our business has grown steadily since its inception, and in 2002 we more than doubled the floor space of our facilities in Memphis, Tennessee. We have developed a large donor base from which we draw more than 25,000 blood units annually. The increased space has allowed for rapid growth in our opera- tions, the addition of new processing facilities, and a reengineering of our workflow for higher efficiency of our human blood products.

In addition, we continue to support the blood banking community through participation in local (Greater Memphis Association of Blood Banks), state (Tennessee Association of Blood Banks), and national (American Association of Blood Banks) organizations. As one of the top cell suppliers, we constantly aim for customer satisfaction.

As an ISO 9001 certified organization, we are proud of our contributions to the worldwide medical enterprise through the creation of our quality products. Our clients repeatedly tell us that we are the most dependable and expeditious supplier of blood biologicals in the business. We keep earning that reputation every day. We look forward to a bright future in serving our customers and partners..