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Tennessee Blood is a leading human serum supplier and human plasma supplier who regularly supplier human whole blood, human serum, human plasma, erythrocytes and many more products.


Products include type O erythrocytes, serum with high ASO titers, human red blood cells from non-smoking females under 30 with zero pregnancies, and much more.

Test Methodologies

Each donation of human biologicals is tested using current FDA methods by a qualified donor testing reference laboratory and include a standard profile of tests include. Read more

New Accounts

We would be honored to be your supplier for human blood products, blood plasma products, and just about any other biologic product. We also provide samples of urine and saliva.


Our loyal customers have turned to Tennessee Blood Services for human biological samples, large or small quantities of human blood, serum and many other products – all taken with exacting procedures as set forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.


Blood components collected include human red blood cells, plasma, white blood cells and platelets. Your blood donation is assured to be a positive experience, and we hope you’ll be back to donate soon.


As one of the top human plasma suppliers, Tennessee Blood Services adheres to the established federal rules for donating blood. Learn about eligibility requirements here.


Donors should prepare for their blood donation by being well rested, eating a healthy breakfast or lunch, and drinking plenty of fluids within 6 hours of donating.


We are located on Poplar Avenue in MidTown Memphis, just West of N. Dunlap Street (near Yum’s Deli).

About Us

Learn more about our 40+ year old history of providing blood and blood derivatives of the highest quality, and collecting and processing other samples, such as saliva and urine.

Employment Opportunities

Visit this page often to view our open positions.

Shipping/Packaging Options

Our blood and blood derivatives are packaged to arrive safely, and in intact. Further, while most orders are solidly frozen to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, orders may be sent at room temperature, or as you requested.

Terms & Conditions

Tennessee Blood Services respects the right to privacy for each donor, customer and website visitor searching for a serum supplier, human biological samples, etc.


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